9 Steps To Empowering An Environmental Revolution

  1. Go to: http://www.oeom.org/Home/home/care2join.html
    Review each area below:
  2. You can use the link above or the link under the green frog on the OEOM home page. NOTE: Be sure to select your #1 and #2 choices for any management positions you may desire when you complete your Fast Track application.
  3. Within 3-days of receiving your application a manager will contact you. At that time please be prepared to make a 3 or 6 month action commitment. The manager will discuss and review your first project. You will also be assigned an initial Manager to work with. [Below see heading: About My Manager, Director and Assigned Project(s)]
  4. Apply to one of our Care2 groups for a specific job, position or assignment. Anyone who needs assistance determining the best initial project for you, just ask. Note: those interested in a position as a Host or Project Manager you should sign-up ASAP! [Below see: Host & Project Manager Positions]
  5. Help Build, and or, Promote Assigned Care2 Group
  6. Choose your favorite three website teams and associated forums, or, apply through your Manager for one of our Advocacy positions. [See: Web Teams & Forums]
  7. As soon as you’re invited to Excellent Nature Subscriptions or Excellent Nature Network be sure to join since it is meant to be an empowerment opportunity for those who would like to help build an eco-revolution infrastructure. Within a few months those successfully working the plan will be able spend more and more time working on Earth saving objectives. Clearly it’s a win, win situation. NOTE: Excellent Nature Subscriptions and Excellent Nature Network are both working to establish business services needed to support our eco-revolution! [See: Excellent Nature Subscriptions and also Excellent Nature Network]
  8. ENS Pre-Launch Schedule and gaining Entry to ENN to promoting our Earth saving objectives!
  9. Within months of our launch our associated eco-organizations will experience rapid growth. Our policy is to fill new positions from within whenever possible.
Within the 65 membership organizations that are all members of The Environmental Community the overall opportunities and expected growth is in a word, huge. It took three years and over 90,000 hours for these organizations to develop the forthcoming eco-revolution.

By 2009 the total upper management staff (both home office and in-the-field) for The Environmental Community participating member organizations will exceed 360 individuals. Within three years full time associates and staff will exceed 3,000. [See: Questions and Competition]

Naturally this rapid growth represents an incredible opportunity for those who are excelling within the TEC Earth saving groups. Consider this your invitation!

By uniting and empowering activists everywhere this will be the hottest opportunity environmental activists have ever seen. An eco-revolution is building and change is coming!

United as a force for good we are One Earth, One Mission.

About My Manager, Director and Assigned Project(s)

My primary management staff includes my Project or Advocacy Manager in addition to a group Director or Administrative Manager.

All work and personnel are evaluated and based on the quality of work and overall performance on each project. Continuation with a team, new assignments and other opportunities are all based on each person’s personal and team performance.

If an assignment is not completed or if there is poor performance it is then up to the management staff whether to give that individual another chance. Our mission is to save Earth so if you do not have a real desire to be part of our active environmental team, please do NOT apply.

We intend to win back our Earth!

Host & Project Manager Positions

Want to prove your leadership and activist activities skills then jump onto a Host or Project Managers position to show us what you are capable of and then don’t look back.

Host Policies
  1. We intend to frequently rotate and change hosts to keep fresh, sharp, and active individuals as our hosts.
  2. Our hosts will work as a team to develop the group and achieve objectives.
  3. Our primary hosts will work on Direction or Growth.
  4. Our 2nd team will focus strictly on Group Growth.
  5. Positions on either team must be applied for.

In addition to aggressive host teams we also have Activist Team(s) for every project within each of our advocacy groups.

Web Teams & Forums

Web teams will be chosen from our available writers, content managers and the top group members. Our top hosts in charge of our Care2 groups will then have an opportunity to manage the associated website forum. We have a total of 28 forums.

Excellent Nature Subscription Consultants

Excellent Nature Subscription Consultants will be responsible for signing up other ENS Consultants and will be rewarded with a generous commission structure. Individuals, organizations and companies may become ENS Consultants.

 In time Excellent Nature Subscription Consultants will also provide subscriptions and/or affiliate positions to numerous animal rights, environmental, health, networking, empowerment and wildlife groups. 

Excellent Nature Subscription Consultants is the natural fit for Earth minded individuals and they will enable ENS to generate rapid membership growth for eco-groups.

Disclaimer: Excellent Nature Subscriptions is a for profit company run by environmentalists. Excellent Nature Subscriptions supports environmental change and is a member of The Environmental Community

ENS Pre-Launch Schedule and Entry to ENN 

Once announced, the pre-launch of ENS will run until May 1, 2006. While ENS and ENN are separate entities their services are designed to work in sync with one another. 

Participation in Excellent Nature Subscriptions Consultants are NOT required to become affiliates to Excellent Nature Network. Again these are two totally separate companies that share one common cause which is to create and support eco-change. 

Excellent Nature Network

Excellent Nature Network is a separate business which provides a full line of health products available through a network marketing affiliates program. 

While they are two distinctly separate companies, Excellent Nature Network and Excellent Nature Subscriptions are both participating with The Environmental Community to create an eco-platform. 

Excellent Nature Network is expected to launch by or before May 1, 2006. 

Disclaimer: Excellent Nature Network is a for profit company run by environmentalists. ENN supports eco-change and is a member of The Environmental Community.

Questions and Answers

First a few facts that all activists must acknowledge and admit:

  1. Most environmentalists now realize that we will have to take extraordinary steps if we are going to save Earth.
  2. We must also admit that collectively our environmental groups are LOSING the battle to save Earth.
  3. The Environmental Community has the largest and most diverse group of advocacy organizations from which an eco-revolution has been planned and can be successfully launched.
Assuming you recognize and accept the facts above then you also realize that as environmentalists and activists we have absolutely nothing to lose by uniting behind The Environmental Community and key organizations like One Earth, One Mission.

Keep in mind that all 65 advocacy groups that are working together have one primary goal—to save Earth. As a result their primary focus is all about creating global change.

Questions and Answers about Excellent Nature
Q   Why should I consider joining Excellent Nature?
A   Because as environmentalists the time has come when we must take aggressive steps. Today the only way to save Earth is by financially empowering eco-minded individuals.

Q   But why are Excellent Nature Subscriptions and Excellent Nature Network working to empower activists and help build a platform to support an eco-revolution?
A   For numerous reasons: a) First all advocacy groups that are members of The Environmental Community approve of both companies. b) While both are for profit entities the owners and staff are all dedicated environmentalists and are not driven by greed. c) Excellent Nature Subscriptions pays roughly half of its subscription and affiliate fees to its independent sales force in commissions, group trips and other bonuses. We can only hope eco-minded individuals will see the opportunity that we have created with them in mind. d) Both groups are dedicated to helping TEC build an advanced business network to support their 65 member organizations. With luck, advocacy groups everywhere will both join and fully support The Environmental Community initiative.

Q   Could any businesses possibly compete with Excellent Nature Subscriptions or Excellent Nature Network?
A   Eventually another group may attempt to duplicate ENS and ENN. Clearly what wouldn’t be easy to compete with are the 65 advocacy groups that The Environmental Community has pulled together. In addition a viable plan of action to save Earth will be needed. Regardless, we’re prepared.

Q   How will joining either company help save Earth?
A   First, it will help unite activists. Next, it will help to financially support eco-minded individuals and groups. Last but not least, the cash flow will help fund the infrastructure needed to initiate a full eco-revolution.

Q   How can I obtain addition information about Excellent Nature Subscriptions or Excellent Nature Network?
A   Additional information will be on the internet. Strategies and other confidential information will not be pre-maturely released.

Questions and Answers about One Earth, One Mission
Q   Who should join One Earth, One Mission?
A   All individuals that are in favor of saving Earth.

Q   Why should I support OEOM when there are so many other larger and older environmental groups out there?
A   First, ask yourself: do you feel any larger or older groups are presently on target to save Earth? Do any make such a claim? Today most real activists realize we have to make our move NOW if we are going to save Earth. The principals at OEOM worked for 18 months to develop a comprehensive plan then fine tuned it over the last three years. We’re ready.

Q How do I get involved with One Earth, One Mission?
A Assuming you would like to volunteer via the internet or as an activist then simply send a request for a Fast Track application to director@oeom.org.

Q   My time is very tight right now but I would like to support the Earth saving efforts of One Earth, One Mission.
A   Donations are greatly appreciated and you can locate a donations link at http://www.oeom.org. Thank you!

Q   How can I obtain the exact plans that One Earth, One Mission and the other members of The Environmental Community have?
A   You can’t. Divulging confidential strategies would not be in our best interest and would undermine our Earth objectives.

Questions and Answers about The Environmental Community
Q   What are the long term plans for The Environmental Community and the organizations that have joined TEC?
A   Other then helping to create the largest eco-web presence on the internet TEC will publish and launch an environmental magazine in 2006. It will be very unique.

Q   Are there other entities like The Environmental Community helping like minded groups to unite toward saving our Earth?
A   Yes, there are numerous networking companies and organizations out there and we encourage ALL environmental groups to unite together in an effort to save Earth.

Q   Will uniting a lot of environmental groups save Earth?
A   Only if an extensive plan can be quickly implemented to create what we call shifts within our society.

Q   What additional information can I obtain about The Environmental Community and its membership organizations?
A   Many individuals would like to discover the strategies behind TEC’s comprehensive plan. As much as we would like to share our plans it would not be in our best interest to do so.

Q   Can you tell us what your ultimate objective is in the US?
A   Yes, we need to create a shift of 3.5 to 4.5% of the general US population ideally within the next two years.

Q   What can I do to help bring about environmental change?
A   Volunteer via the internet with One Earth, One Mission ASAP and then promote Excellent Nature Subscriptions to help activate all real activists. To save Earth activists must unite now so we will be ready.

Q   I would like to join your group as a manager what are the requirements?
A   Presently you should send a request for a Fast Track application to director@oeom.org along with a copy of your resume attached as a Word document. Generally most of the advocacy groups are after a three to six month commitment with a minimum of 15 hours per week but apply today!

Web Teams & Forums

  1. Go to http://www.oeom.org to view all websites. You will want to become familiar with them. If you are interested in joining a Web Team you will find it helpful to also view http://www.theenvironmentalcommunity.org/temp/forums.html before selecting your top three choices.
  2. Go to the link below to review all forums: http://www.theenvironmentalcommunity.org/temp/forums.html
  3. Pick your favorite two Shared Forums heading (like: About Saving Earth) OR select up to three website forums that are of interest to you under the Individual Forums headings. Once you have picked either your two favorite Shared Forum heading or three individual organizations then add these to your application, profile, or email your interests to your manager and director@oeom.org.
We are uniting as many activists as possible and forming highly effective teams to tackle our primary objectives with force.

Administrative Comments and Review

We believe most activists know if we don't create significant change soon we will pass the point of no return. We need all open minded activists and managers to recognize that:
  1. If we continue as fractured or independent environmental groups we are going to lose Earth.
  2. Even with the best efforts of our largest environmental groups we are losing Earth and if significant change doesn't begin soon, again we will lose Earth.
  3. To save Earth at this point we MUST initiate change that will spread rapidly, unite the majority of activists and will financially empower eco-minded people.
  4. The Environmental Community has 65 key membership organizations. One Earth, One Mission is a leading eco-group (go to http://www.oeom.org) which support building of over 120 eco-oriented websites and it is all about launching an eco-revolution. By uniting and empowering independent activists we can and we will create a massive wave of activism.
  5. No other group has such a substantial and diversified foundation. No other group is prepared to unite all activists and launch an eco-revolution.
If you have read this entire document, then odds are you are an activist. Now, the only question is are you willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with us? Never doubt or question what one person can accomplish.

We have One Earth, One Mission.

Andrew Tait